RC-6 Su Sondaj Makinasi

 RC6 multifunction drilling rig is a newly developed multi-functional full hydraulic drilling rig, the rig is suitable for plains, hilly land, hot and cold regions ,the machine is tracked with self-propelled chassis, available in wells, core exploration, shallow coal bed methane and other construction. It could meet to mud drilling tamping pipe hammer drilling, air-lift reverse circulation drilling and other drilling methods according to users’ requirements. The rig is low labor
intensity, high drilling efficiency and high security for the workers.


RC6 Water Well Crawl rig
Technical characteristics

   Moving Speed Low speed 3  km/h
High speed 4.5  km/h
Diesel engine
Model CUMMINS 8CT turbocharged
Power 264 kW
Type of cooling Water cooling
Rotation speed 2200 rpm
Cylinders quantity/ capacity 8.3 L
Fuel tank capacity 220 L
Drilling capability
3- 1/2 in drill rod 780 m
4-1/2 in drill rod 600 m
5  in drill rod 450 m
Mast Height (fully extended) 11.3 m
Power head distance (stroke)    7 400 mm
Applicable drill rod Diameter 50-127mm, Length 6.2m
  Push and pull ability of power head
Maximum hoist capacity (up) 220 kN
Maximum hoist capacity (down) 110 kN
Maximum hoisting speed 30 m/min
Hoisting speed Full load 15m/min
Gears 2
Low speed 0~60 rpm 16 800 Nm
High speed 0~170 rpm 1 100 Nm
Adjusting angle of mast 0-90º
Hoist crane at the top
Maximum hoist capacity 80 kN
Diameter of steel wire rope 22 mm
Length of steel wire rope 45 m
Drilling table
Applicable drill rod 50-127mm
Maximum Diameter 600 mm
Dimensions and weight
Dimensions in operation 6 842 x 2 800 x 12 500 mm
Dimension in transportation 12 200x 2 200 x 3 681 mm
Weight 15 000 kg